Business & Technology Integration & Management Process

We primarily exist as a technology company but with a very unique approach in technology management. Our process primarily focuses on your business needs, your objectives, first and foremost. Similarly, our management approach is geared towards bringing in the best value to your business through the use of technology. Our approach towards first understanding our clients' business, improving operational processes, increasing efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership in technology has allowed our clients to focus on their business and achieve their goals. Such an approach to devising a technology plan around the business is one of the key differentiators for AspiringSoft.




Architecture, Design & Development Process

Our presence offshore, in India, has allowed us to deliver cost effective customized software applications as per the needs of our clients. A common question that we encounter is how this really makes us different than ‘other' companies offering outsourced solutions and why would you choose us for this purpose other than merely cost-savings? At AspiringSoft, we give a lot of emphasis on architecture constantly evaluating the impacts on your business throughout the process. A simple analogy we quite often use is in comparison to the real estate industry. As crucial as it is to have the architecture, the blueprint of your house ready prior to construction to avoid any costly demolition and escalated timelines; the same applies to your Technology Infrastructure, to include your hardware, software or network requirements, which our team clearly understand.


Support Process

We exist to support your technology needs so that you can focus on achieving your business goals. At AspiringSoft, no issue is considered resolved until complete verification and acknowledgment by you of the resolution and total satisfaction. Through experience, we have realized the frustrations pertaining to service requests not handled in a proper and timely manner; let aside the added nightmare of repeated request for status updates for your request.


Option for In-shore or Offshore Management, Architecture & Design

Through experience we have realized that one of the major challenges faced when outsourcing your technology needs is in the team lack of strong management principles in addition to poor quality in architecture and design. This poses a ‘high-risk' situation to your to-be-developed product resulting in a poor development or in most cases complete failure of delivery.

Upon determination of the project scope, one of the ways we avoid this is by appointing project managers on both ends, inshore and offshore. In addition to strong management principles, in most cases, architecture of the entire product is kept in-shore ensuring total quality control and successful delivery. Our teams work under strict documentation and guidelines.


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